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07.03.2009 Compane KAMA celebrates
its 15 th anniversary.
History of the Company was started at 7 March'94 to launch the first production line of packed sunflower oil.

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2009 year
07.03.2009 Company KAMA celebrates its 15 anniversary.
History goes back 7 March 1994 to launch the first production line of packed sunflower oil.
Starting production with release of one kind of packed sunflower oil, to date, the Company KAMA release of the seven types of vegetable oils under brands KAMA ® and ANRI ®. As the largest producer of oil kupazhirovannyh in Ukraine, the company thinks about the user, producing a wide range of products of the highest quality, to prepare meals that not only look beautiful and , but a combination of taste and value.
Since 1997, the Company KAMA engaged in the production of mayonnaise and mustard under the brand KAMA ®. Constantly working to improve the preparation of mayonnaise, the company has mastered the production of mayonnaise from 30% to 72% fat, using only high quality European-produced egg yolks and refined sunflower oil deodorize the highest quality. Amazing flavor, and consistently high quality product provides the best choice of hosts for many years!
To date, the products of the company is widely known both in Ukraine and abroad.

2008 year
25.12.2008 Company KAMA launched a new oil.
Company KAMA launched a new oil - Red carotin oil under the brand name ANRI ®, this is a new natural plant products on the Ukrainian market, which is a mixture of two oils: Oils refined sunflower deodorize the highest class and the red oil from palm fruits carotin. For more information, see product catalog.

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